Nicolas Maduro Has Closed Venezuela’s Border With Brazil to Block Aid

(CARACAS, Venezuela) — As a showdown looms over humanitarian aid destined for Venezuela, President Nicolas Maduro closed off his country’s border with Brazil, vowing on Thursday to block the emergency food and medicine that has rallied his opponents and which he claims is part of a U.S.-led coup plot. Amid the mounting tensions, opposition leader Continue Reading

How ISIS Returnees Are Stirring a Debate Over Citizenship, Security and Rule of Law

The question of whether two women who joined ISIS in Syria and Iraq—one British and another American-born—should be allowed to return to their respective countries has provoked fierce debate on how Western governments should treat citizens who left to join the caliphate. President Donald Trump on Wednesday said he has told the State Department to Continue Reading

‘Flying Bulldog.’ People Are Understandably Abuzz About the World’s Biggest Bee Returning After Disappearing 38 Years Ago

While you would think it would be hard for a bee the size of a thumb to go missing, Wallace’s giant bee did just that. The jaw-dropping giant disappeared for 38 years and scientists and bee lovers were convinced it had gone extinct like so many other insects. Luckily, they were wrong. The world’s largest Continue Reading

The U.S. Sent Its Most Advanced Fighter Jets to Blow Up Cheap Opium Labs. Now It’s Canceling the Program

After hundreds of airstrikes failed to curtail the Taliban’s $200 million-a-year opium trade, the U.S. military quietly ended a yearlong campaign that targeted drug labs and networks laced around the Afghan countryside. The end of the operation, code-named Iron Tempest, comes as Trump Administration officials engage in direct peace talks with Taliban leaders that could Continue Reading

A Measles Outbreak in Madagascar Has Killed More Than 900, World Health Organization Says

(JOHANNESBURG) — The World Health Organization says that an epidemic of measles in Madagascar has caused more than 900 deaths. According to WHO figures, there have been more than 68,000 cases of the disease in which 553 deaths were confirmed and another 373 suspected from measles since the outbreak began in September. Those most at Continue Reading