Dejan Anastasijevic, Journalist and Witness to War Crimes, Dies at 57

The Serbian journalist Dejan Anastasijevic, who documented his country’s descent into revanchist nationalism under strongman Slobodan Milosevic, died Wednesday in Belgrade after a long illness. A friend, colleague and intellectual guide for a generation of journalists covering the violent conflicts in the Balkans after the end of the Cold War, Anastasijevic was 57. Anastasijevic documented Continue Reading

Xi Jinping Says China’s Belt and Road Initiative Is Not Saddling Poor Countries With Debt

(Bloomberg) — Chinese President Xi Jinping pledged to clean up his signature Belt and Road infrastructure program amid criticism the policy is indebting poorer nations and making them dependent on Beijing.“We need to maintain that all cooperation is conducted under the sun and work together to combat corruption with zero tolerance,” Xi said in an Continue Reading

‘The Birthplace of the Suicide Belt.’ Sri Lanka’s Deadly History of Suicide Bombings

For many years, Sri Lanka’s bloody civil war kept tourists at bay. When the 26-year conflict between the Tamil ethnic minority and the government ended in 2009, tourists flocked to the island nation’s tropical beaches, highland tea country and wildlife safaris. Hotels proliferated, among them the Shangri-La in the capital Colombo. On Easter Sunday, the Continue Reading